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okay…i know you said we could have like one or two personal yeah here goes.
All over the internet I am finding articles saying that Steven Tyler has quit the band..
You may not know this but aerosmith is my all time favorite band! I even have a tattoo that says “Dream On” this band means a lot to me because me and my dad are both fanatics and weve gone to see them play live ever since i was a little kids, i cant honestly tell you how many times ive seen them play.
Steven Tyler has been qouted saying he wants to focus on “Brand Tyler” and Joe Perry has been saying that the other band members are going to have a meeting trying to decide if they wanted to replace Steven Tyler.

I just don’t think anyone can replace Steven Tyler…his voice is so unique that Aerosmith just can’t exist without him…

My opinion is that they all should make up and just retire the band because they are old and have made enough music for like 5 modern bands.

My heart is breaking while I’m listening to “Hole in my Soul”

im hoping this will get resolved..