Freedom Writers review

For project three, my group and I watched the movie “Freedom Writers.” All of us, except nate, had seen the movie before. We had decided to watch it in my room because I have a pretty decently sized room. (I live in watterson haha).  The only thing missing was some hot chocolate and popcorn (Yummmmy).

Now what i love about this movie is it is so realistic. I think it portrayed some of the scary truths about schools that are located in those kinds of areas. I also think it showed the difficult things many teenagers who live in those kinds of situations have to deal with. I’m lucky to say i’ve never had to deal with shootings outside my house. Or worried that at school if I look at a group the wrong way that they would come after me. Now watching this movie, it makes me respect the teachers that do it because they love it and respect their students. It really made me angry how the school treated “Ms. G”‘s class. They wouldn’t let her have textbooks because they thought that the books were “too hard” for the students. What made the main character’s teaching successful was the fact that she never gave up on them. She also made it a point to prove to them that she was not going to let them fail and that she believed in them. I think that really made a difference in those students.

I think this movie had a bunch of great lessons, and it can shed some light on shady school systems.

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