PSA against texting and driving

In class we have been talking about PSA’s and how they use elements to get the point across. Well, I was recently shown a PSA on texting and driving and thought that it would make a great blog topic. The PSA was made for showing in British high schools. The PSA, in my opinion, was very effective in proving the point that texting and driving is completely idiotic.

It began with three pretty teenage girls in a car. The music was decently loud and they were all engaging in a joyful conversation. The driver had one hand on the wheel and a cell phone in the other. She was texting and talking to her passengers at the same time. Clearly, her attention was not on the road like it should be. She drifts into the other lane and crashes head on into an oncoming vehicle. The video was very graphic showing in what seemed like slow motion the girls bodies being flown and slammed around in the car. The driver and the teenage girl in the passenger seat wake up and look at each other in shock at what had just happened. Just as they do, a third car slams into their car. This whole first part of the PSA is so graphic that it made me squirm in my seat. The teenage girl who was driving and texting wakes up and looks at her friends who both appear to be dead. She is obviously disturbed at this and starts screaming her head off uncontrollably. A man who was driving by and not involved in the accident pulls over to check on the people in the cars. He screams for somebody to call an ambulance. Then a rush of ambulances and fire trucks and rescue crews show up and start to clean up the mess from the result of one text message. The most heartbreaking part was watching a little boy in one of the other smashed up cars asking his mom and dad to wake up. They also show a baby who is clearly no longer living.

This PSA sent the message to me right away. I am not going to lie and say i never text drove before, but after getting the iPhone I found it nearly impossible to text and drive without risking my life and the lives of others. Before I had an iPhone, I had a blackberry (and before that a blackjack) and it was easy for me to text and not even look away from the road at all. It was a mindless process for me. Obviously with the iPhone i can’t feel the keyboard since it is touch screen. Now me being a college freshman, i still have a long life to live and i dont want texting to get in the way of it. I certainly recommend that anyone who is old enough to drive or has a drivers license watch this PSA.

I have seen comments from people my own age who think that this video is funny and unrealistic. It saddens me to think that people my age can be so careless and stupid. There is nothing funny about that video, it obviously not real and the actors were clearly not harmed for real. BUT, the message should still get out..I think this video should be shown here on television, or during the previews before R rated movies.

I have posted the video at the bottom of this post for people who would like to watch it. Maybe it will make some of you think twice before texting your friends back while driving.


  1. stevehalle77 Said:

    Hi Ashley,
    This is a thought-provoking post.

    PSAs are a lot more graphic across the pond. I spent Christmas in Ireland in 2005, and you should see their drunk driving PSAs.

    Here in the US, we are fine with ultra-violent films, games, and shows, but our PSAs are PG at best.

    • amande3 Said:

      I find it really interesting that we can handle our films, games, and shows that violent but our PSAs will not ever match them.

      I think that in order for the message to get across we need to reach that level, it certainly caught my attention.

  2. stevehalle77 Said:

    I can’t find the PSA analysis on a separate page. Am I to assume this is it? If so, you do a good job of analyzing the plot, audience, purpose, and timeliness of the message, but it does leave out the visual design elements.

    Then again, I like the strategy of tying the message to your own life experiences, especially your past of texting while driving.

    Steve Halle

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