Project Four: Looking Back

For project four i was in a group with nate, meghan, alexa, and rycharde.
I really hated that book we had to teach a chapter of. I thought it was soooo boring, no offense. I enjoyed the second part of the project way more. I feel like our group worked well together once we stopped goofing around on farmville and actually got some work done. We still have to teach the class about our topic next week but im very excited to show off our work.

project three looking back

This was the whole visual text project thing.

Not gonna lie it was my least favorite project of the semester. Only because i couldnt really grasp the idea of how to analyze a visual text. when i had to write my paper i struggled a lot with how not to summarize what i was seeing and to critically think and analyze it.

When i made my scrapblog i kinda just threw it together (not gonna lie) i thought about how the pictures went together and i found a playground for the background. i thought it all fit but i see where you could get confused about the intended audience

strawberry fields forever

so today in class we listened to different versions of “strawberry fields forever” by The Beatles. love love love the beatles! (but not as much as aerosmith<3) i thought it was a really good example for revising. i really enjoyed this class today. I like how we could pin point all the changes that they made and also how they kind of morphed some of the stuff from different versions into their master version of the song.

i wish we could listen to music in class ALL THE TIME hahaha


okay…i know you said we could have like one or two personal yeah here goes.
All over the internet I am finding articles saying that Steven Tyler has quit the band..
You may not know this but aerosmith is my all time favorite band! I even have a tattoo that says “Dream On” this band means a lot to me because me and my dad are both fanatics and weve gone to see them play live ever since i was a little kids, i cant honestly tell you how many times ive seen them play.
Steven Tyler has been qouted saying he wants to focus on “Brand Tyler” and Joe Perry has been saying that the other band members are going to have a meeting trying to decide if they wanted to replace Steven Tyler.

I just don’t think anyone can replace Steven Tyler…his voice is so unique that Aerosmith just can’t exist without him…

My opinion is that they all should make up and just retire the band because they are old and have made enough music for like 5 modern bands.

My heart is breaking while I’m listening to “Hole in my Soul”

im hoping this will get resolved..

my best friend: Procrastination

Today in class, Dani, Megan, and I had a great conversation. We were of course talking about how much of the project we had left to finish. Then I talked about my best friend: Procrastination. This sparked a very hilarious conversation about how we all procrastinate too much.

What is it about procrastination that hooks people? Is it the thrill of knowing that you have such a short amount of time to get it done? Is it that we work better under pressure?? Is it the fact that we are just lazy always finding reasons to do it later?

I would write more, but i will later (ha get it?)

Freedom Writers review

For project three, my group and I watched the movie “Freedom Writers.” All of us, except nate, had seen the movie before. We had decided to watch it in my room because I have a pretty decently sized room. (I live in watterson haha).  The only thing missing was some hot chocolate and popcorn (Yummmmy).

Now what i love about this movie is it is so realistic. I think it portrayed some of the scary truths about schools that are located in those kinds of areas. I also think it showed the difficult things many teenagers who live in those kinds of situations have to deal with. I’m lucky to say i’ve never had to deal with shootings outside my house. Or worried that at school if I look at a group the wrong way that they would come after me. Now watching this movie, it makes me respect the teachers that do it because they love it and respect their students. It really made me angry how the school treated “Ms. G”‘s class. They wouldn’t let her have textbooks because they thought that the books were “too hard” for the students. What made the main character’s teaching successful was the fact that she never gave up on them. She also made it a point to prove to them that she was not going to let them fail and that she believed in them. I think that really made a difference in those students.

I think this movie had a bunch of great lessons, and it can shed some light on shady school systems.

PSA against texting and driving

In class we have been talking about PSA’s and how they use elements to get the point across. Well, I was recently shown a PSA on texting and driving and thought that it would make a great blog topic. The PSA was made for showing in British high schools. The PSA, in my opinion, was very effective in proving the point that texting and driving is completely idiotic.

It began with three pretty teenage girls in a car. The music was decently loud and they were all engaging in a joyful conversation. The driver had one hand on the wheel and a cell phone in the other. She was texting and talking to her passengers at the same time. Clearly, her attention was not on the road like it should be. She drifts into the other lane and crashes head on into an oncoming vehicle. The video was very graphic showing in what seemed like slow motion the girls bodies being flown and slammed around in the car. The driver and the teenage girl in the passenger seat wake up and look at each other in shock at what had just happened. Just as they do, a third car slams into their car. This whole first part of the PSA is so graphic that it made me squirm in my seat. The teenage girl who was driving and texting wakes up and looks at her friends who both appear to be dead. She is obviously disturbed at this and starts screaming her head off uncontrollably. A man who was driving by and not involved in the accident pulls over to check on the people in the cars. He screams for somebody to call an ambulance. Then a rush of ambulances and fire trucks and rescue crews show up and start to clean up the mess from the result of one text message. The most heartbreaking part was watching a little boy in one of the other smashed up cars asking his mom and dad to wake up. They also show a baby who is clearly no longer living.

This PSA sent the message to me right away. I am not going to lie and say i never text drove before, but after getting the iPhone I found it nearly impossible to text and drive without risking my life and the lives of others. Before I had an iPhone, I had a blackberry (and before that a blackjack) and it was easy for me to text and not even look away from the road at all. It was a mindless process for me. Obviously with the iPhone i can’t feel the keyboard since it is touch screen. Now me being a college freshman, i still have a long life to live and i dont want texting to get in the way of it. I certainly recommend that anyone who is old enough to drive or has a drivers license watch this PSA.

I have seen comments from people my own age who think that this video is funny and unrealistic. It saddens me to think that people my age can be so careless and stupid. There is nothing funny about that video, it obviously not real and the actors were clearly not harmed for real. BUT, the message should still get out..I think this video should be shown here on television, or during the previews before R rated movies.

I have posted the video at the bottom of this post for people who would like to watch it. Maybe it will make some of you think twice before texting your friends back while driving.


These are the first two paragraphs of my paper.

I would love to sit at my desk and write this paper about how I am a wonderful student, I always study in advance for exams, I am very organized, and that I never procrastinate. If I did write my paper saying these things I would be lying not only to all of you, but to myself. Up until my junior year in high school, I never tried at all and my grades reflected that. In my junior year of high school I did almost a complete 180 when it came to my effort towards schoolwork. My junior year English teacher, Mr. Miller, actually told me he knew I was smart and that he hated to see it go to waste.  I, of course, did not change to become the perfect student, but I did improve drastically. I actually started to achieve good grades and develop a system of organization. Even with theses great changes, I still had to deal with my bad habit of procrastination.

Organization was not always my thing. On my elementary school report cards, they would say something along the lines of  “Needs more organization skills.” I remember back in third grade, my teacher would get so annoyed with how my desk was so messy. My desk looked like a tornado had hit it. It was a mess of random papers. I could not find anything back in elementary school. My teacher actually got so mad about how messy I was that one day she picked up my desk and dumped all the contents on the ground. She then continued to yell at me while I cleaned up the mess. This very moment was important for many reasons, but mainly because I changed my unorganized ways. I now rely heavily on organization to keep me sane during the school year. My student planner and I are pretty much Siamese twins. I use it for almost everything that goes on in my life. I write down my school assignments, upcoming projects or exams, social events, extracurricular activities, and birthdays. I want to make sure I never miss an assignment and I am always ready for any upcoming exams or projects. If I did not have this system of organization, my career as a student would quickly deteriorate.


Should I leave out the thing about Mr. Miller my junior year English teacher?

Do you think that I should leave out the elementary school experience or keep it?

Do you think my tone is too laid back?

Library Visit and Research Response

What did you learn that you did not know before?

I learned how to use the search database on the library’s website. I also learned how to look for books at the library. I also had never step foot in the library until class that day. So that was useful.

How does what you do naturally to research a topic compare with the scholarly strategies your professors might expect?

Normally I just use a normal search engine to find information on the internet. I would use google or yahoo mostly. Scholarly research comes from that “hidden” internet. So learning how to find stuff on the hidden internet was very useful.

How will you be able to apply what you learned immediately, both in 101 and your other classes?

For research projects, I can now find more respectable research. I will now be able to go to the library and feel confident that I will be able to find something that will help with my research. My research will now be more useful and relevant.

Did you expect to learn anything that was not covered by Professor Sharkey’s presenation?

I figured we would get a tour of the library, but other than that not really.

What book did you seek out? Did you find it? What other book did you find while in the stacks seemed interesting?

I looked for the book I answer with my life: Life histories of women teachers working for social change. When i went to search for it, I looked in the spot it was supposed to be, but someone had beat me to the punch. Someone else had taken the book. I ended up checking out two random books near where the other book was supposed to be. They both have to deal with teaching but I don’t know if they will help with the project we will end up using them for?


So far in college, i have written so many essays i can’t even count how many. Mainly because i am currently taking three different english classes. What bothers me is that i have gotten one paper back from my professors. Out of all the essays, the very first one i wrote is the only one i have feedback on. I would like to know if what i am writing is what my professors are looking for. It worries me that i have no idea how i am doing so far. I hope that i can get something back soon just to make me feel a little more comfortable. Every time i write a new paper i think to myself, “What if my writing sucks?” or, “what can i improve on?” I think for me, it would just make me feel more confident as a student to know where i stand.

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